About Us


We want this ‘about us’ to really be about us.

We want you to know that we, HXTN Supply, produce accessories that won’t just be repeats of those you see in every store.

STREET. SPORT. STYLE. It’s a simple concept, but one we put front and centre of every item we design. Three guarantee’s from East London’s finest accessories to keep us accountable to.

We’re here to tell you fashion can meet function. Street does meet sport. Style is essential.


We are a very small team pitched up in south-east England. I’m Scott Stevenson, and with a passion for streetwear design that takes us all over the world, I can proudly tell you that when you’re purchasing or wearing one of our lines, that very product was an idea in our workroom only months ago. Discussed, drawn up and produced with total care in the hope of creating the functional and fashionable accessory for your style.

Our HXTN journey doesn’t work without you, there, reading this. It’s early, it’s exciting, but that’s the fun isn’t it!?

At HXTN Supply we create what we love and hope you’ll love what we create.




 If there’s ever anything we can help with, answer or assist, please don’t hesitate to drop us a mail. Or maybe follow our journey on one of our many socials?

It’ll always be one of us on the other end, hoping to advise in the best and quickest way we possibly can.


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