April 28, 2021 1 min read

Coronavirus. Where to begin?
First and foremost, with love and compassion. It has been a year incomparable to any other, with mass loss and society wide challenge like never before. Our thoughts are, have been and always will be with all those effected.
From a HXTN point of view, it has been every bit as challenging as you can imagine.
We preach transparency and if you’ve been following our socials then you’ll have seen a lot of the last years journey.
In short, we have had to be extremely flexible and adaptable. All whilst continuing to produce your favourite street-sport items.
There have been challenges. A lot of them.
But as a brand and a team we are adaptable and always believe there is a way forward.
We’ve adopted a particular mantra and think it has and will serve us well:
“You can’t think traditionally in a non-traditional world”
There are big things simmering and we can’t wait to share them with you all.
Stay safe and support each other.
The world, more than ever, can use a little collective kindness.
HXTN Team, let’s go!!
Scott Stevenson
Scott Stevenson

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